On Glastonbury 2013

Perfomers on Bella's Field
Perfomers on Bella’s Field

The weather was kind and wellies were an accessory not a necessity. After a year off Glastonbury returned last weekend and was bigger and better. 180,000 music lovers descended on Worthy Farm and once again proved that it is possible to have fun and be safe. The presence of the biggest rock band in the world (no, not the Mumfords) meant the crowd in front of the Pyramid Stage was immense. For a few hours we were jammed in solid but if there was any altercation of injury it was probably minor. A part of Glastonbury’s enduring appeal is that people are treated with respect and in return look after themselves, and others. Michael Eavis recruits an army of volunteers whose job is to actually “help” not boss you around. It is a policy that the Olympics organisers so successfully employed with their games-makers. As insurers we have encouraged ever-stricter marshalling and policing of events. Perhaps it is time for a re-think. Have some faith in people. It might actually work.

The festival itself was as ever extraordinary. I took a few photos and here is a sample. I hope you enjoy them.

2 thoughts on “On Glastonbury 2013

  1. Wow – the (re)insurance world is getting trendier if you’re required to report from Glasto!   Hope all well with you and Kiln, I’m meeting up with Habib and a few others in Monte Carlo this year…     Sharon

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