Let’s be honest here..

I’m rarely flabbergasted reading the industry trade press these days. After so many years in the business, insurance news doesn’t quite float my boat in the same way as it used to. However, Mark Geoghegan’s post this week in Insurance Insider, “Unspeakable Truths” stirred me right out of a post summer stupor. As most will be aware Mark is a seasoned commentator on the London … Continue reading Let’s be honest here..

On Charlie Hebdo

The murder of eight journalists in a monstrous terrorist attack at the offices of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has understandably triggered global revulsion. Other atrocities of this scale have typically been condemned because citizens going about their daily life have been injured and killed. What happened in Paris was different. Instead journalists were targeted because of what they published. The human tragedy is of … Continue reading On Charlie Hebdo

On Diversity and Inclusion

Over the course of this year, a number of organisations in the London insurance market have publically committed to Lloyd’s Diversity and Inclusion Charter. A steering group of inclusion champions led by Aon’s Dominic Christian will be issuing guidance in 2015 on how signatories can get started on policies and practices to promote positive change in our industry. High on the list of priorities will … Continue reading On Diversity and Inclusion

On Wholesalers Endangered

The increasing dominance of the global brokers and the economic leverage that this provides is a strategic challenge for all insurers dependent upon them for significant premiums flows. Responses in the industry have varied but a growing number of companies are re-engineering the way they procure business from the big three; either paying to obtain data services or participating on proprietary risk placement platforms and in … Continue reading On Wholesalers Endangered

On Hearts and Minds

The Scots finally decide tomorrow whether they want independence following intense campaigning on both sides of the argument energized by recent poll results suggesting that our friends north of the currently symbolic border might indeed do what was thought impossible: exit the UK. At the time of writing the outcome of the referendum is on a knife-edge. If the Scottish electorate votes yes, it will … Continue reading On Hearts and Minds

On Leaving Europe

True, emotions were running high over the exorbitant costs of implementing Solvency II, widely seen as a project poorly mishandled in Brussels, but in adding his signature to an open letter to The Times in January 2013 supporting David Cameron’s yes/no referendum strategy on UK’s European Union (EU) membership, Lloyd’s Chairman John Nelson may have sent a hawkish signal to producers on the Continent whose … Continue reading On Leaving Europe