On Life Business at Lloyd’s

Innovative, profitable and successfully meeting a true social need, the Lloyd’s life insurance sector is rarely in the limelight which is a real pity. Worth less than £100m, not even a half-percent of the market’s overall premium volume, it is easy to see why the five syndicates dedicated to life business fall off the radar. Yet, these underwriters have led the way in developing insurance solutions for … Continue reading On Life Business at Lloyd’s

On the Return of Cash-Flow Underwriting

A distant memory now but when interest rates were measured in double-digits and equity prices only roared upwards, plenty of insurers threw away their rating manual to grab business at any price just to pile the money into high yielding bonds and on to the stock market. Needless to say under the weight of huge underwriting losses, those that aggressively followed this strategy eventually perished.  … Continue reading On the Return of Cash-Flow Underwriting

On the Future of Fac

It was not so long ago that those condemned to a career in Facultative business, the reinsuring of large single policies, gazed with envy at the largesse of Treaty colleagues, laying-off complete books of business on behalf of their insurer clients. Whilst the Treaty teams jetted off to the boardrooms of Bermuda and lunched at the best restaurants in Monte Carlo, the most the Fac … Continue reading On the Future of Fac

On the European Question

Joining 55 other business leaders in signing an open letter to the Times, Lloyd’s Chairman John Nelson offered his support to the Prime Minister’s strategy of UK negotiating a new relationship with EU and then backing it by a referendum. In returning the favour to David Cameron who himself took time to launch Vision 2025 at Lloyd’s last summer, the Chairman is tapping into growing … Continue reading On the European Question

On Lloyd’s, Cat Bonds, Yachts, Lightning and Cyborg Technology

Wry smiles all round and well done to Lloyd’s chairman John Nelson for persuading the PM to address the market in the room; a public relations coup that evaded his highly connected predecessor during his tenure. In offering the government’s support to Lloyd’s Vision 2025, David Cameron acknowledged the importance of financial services and insurance especially to the UK economy and, via the substantial tax revenues generated, to … Continue reading On Lloyd’s, Cat Bonds, Yachts, Lightning and Cyborg Technology