On Innovation in Singapore

Meeting last week and attracting nearly 1,000 delegates, the 12th biennial Singapore International Reinsurance Conference (SIRC) has come a long way since the event joined the industry travelling circus in 1990. So too has Singapore as a regional reinsurance hub. Back then there were plenty of reinsurers but many were small and ineffective; few brokers could be taken seriously; markets like China and Vietnam were closed; … Continue reading On Innovation in Singapore

On China Sceptics

The formation in Singapore of Lloyd’s Asia platform in the late 1990s came too late to make an impression in Japan and South Korea. By the time London capacity and capability arrived locally, the industry in those two countries had already developed long-standing relationships with major reinsurers in Europe, USA and Bermuda. Instead underwriters in Singapore set about building a business in the far smaller … Continue reading On China Sceptics

On Singapore, Bird Flu, Pollution, Innovation and Competition

Grabbing all the headlines for the wrong reasons, the Facebook IPO looks set to be a source of controversy and litigation for some time to come. Meanwhile, the company’s co-founder Eduardo Saverin who Mark Zuckerberg elbowed out of the social network has also made the news not for his billions but mainly for where he has chosen to live; Singapore. Viewed by Bloomberg as the unofficial … Continue reading On Singapore, Bird Flu, Pollution, Innovation and Competition