On Insurance in a Recession

Announcing an unemployment rate that could now top 27% and an untamed public deficit of over 6% of output, the news from the Bank of Spain last week could hardly have been more gloomy. Declining retail sales of 10% in January suggests consumer confidence remains weak. Worse still, ¬†recovering investor sentiment looks set to falter following the Cyprus bailout fiasco.¬†Analysts are forecasting GDP to fall … Continue reading On Insurance in a Recession

On Surviving the Spanish Recession

With the economy shrinking for a fifth quarter; unemployment increasing to 25% and retail sales collapsing last month by 11%, a bail-out by the European Union seems inevitable if Spain is to be rescued from recession. The one million UK nationals who live all or part of the year in Spain have hardly been spared the agony of the local population. The value of a … Continue reading On Surviving the Spanish Recession