In reality a small town, yet Gibraltar’s position geographically, historically, politically and economically far exceeds its tiny size. The charm of the ‘Rock’ is nevertheless its provinciality; almost a reminder of what a simpler life used to be in UK and that is not supposed to sound patronising.

Other regional insurance centres claim that everybody knows everyone else, but in Gibraltar it is literally true. I have been very fortunate through my long association with local insurer IBEX to get to know its people who I now count amongst my close friends. The best moments are sitting with them in the square at an outdoor cafe having a beer chatting with a steady stream of local well-wishers who pop over to pass the time of day.

IBEX is a great business with a true family feel. Their teams are scattered up and down the coastlines of Spain and Portugal. When they come together, and on the last occasion I was present it was in Benidorm for a sales conference, the scenes are unimaginable!